The water in Plano

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a great couple of days I’d had leading clinics in the Dallas area — in Plano, Allen, and Rockwall. One group I didn’t get to work with, due to time limitations, was the Rice Middle School Band in Plano. Richard Floyd, for whom I wrote “Strange Humors” a few years back, worked with the group and emailed me after his clinic to rave about them. Richard works with a lot of bands, and works with a lot of bands on my music, but it’s unusual to get an email like the one he sent me. He also asked the director, Jason Tucker, to send me a recording of their performance at the Meyerson Symphony Center so I could hear it.

Well, they sent it, and this is what it sounds like. This is a middle school band. It’s not one of those junior high bands you hear about in Japan. No, this band is right here in the US. AND THESE ARE MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS. This has to be one of the best performances I have ever heard of the piece anywhere, by any group. The opening solo is on bassoon because they didn’t have an English horn, but I love it there — at least when the bassoonist plays like this.
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Phil Holland says

Rice is a magical place. Glad you got to hear thoe amazing kids!

Alastair Stark says

This was a really fun to peice to work on. I really enjoyed playing it. I was thrumpet player at G and Measure 147.

McKenna Black says

Wow, I sure loved playing this! I play the tuba in this band, and I certainly enjoyed performing this at the Meyerson. What an incredible opportunity for young musicians like ourselves.

Benjamin Lin says

This is one of those pieces that challenges you to play better, and have fun with it at the same time. Of course, i couldn't have gone through this amazing experience if John Mackey hadn't written this piece, so thank you!

Bass Clarinets FOR THE WIN!!!

Rachel Pothier says

This was my favorite piece to play out of the program. Glad you liked it! :) Epic Flutes

Mr. Powell says

Yeah Rice kiddos!! Good job!

Miss you guys!

Daniel Wang says

When I first heard this piece, I thought," Well, this might be a long shot for us..." Turns out, we made it!

Thanks to Mr. Mackey for writing this amazing piece and recognizing us for it.

Tiger You says

I was the bassoon soloist for this piece. It was really a lot of fun to learn and play. We all had a great time and ended up having an incredible performance. Mr. Mackey, you have written a very fantastic piece. I'm glad you like it!

David Hashe says

I was the marimba player. Amazing piece. I doubt that I'd ever find instructions to play like a schizophrenic Morse Code operator anywhere else.

Alec Thomas says

Wow! You'd be fortunate to find a high school band this good! I can't believe this is a middle school band. Great performance!

Hideo Ishii-Adajar says

I am proud to be the djembe player of this piece! It was definitely worth learning and exciting to play. Thank you Mr. Mackey for such a fun piece!

Mike Hawk says

Wow this is terrible. Just kidding it's fantastic <3

Avni says

Plano kids REPRESENT!

Stephanie Vu says

This sucks.

^^ jk i lied says


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