The big finish

I wrote the very, very end of the Sax Concerto yesterday. If it’s possible to play, it’ll be pretty exciting. The biggest challenge will be orchestrating it so that the sax is audible over the wall of sound the rest of the band is throwing in the soloist’s face. Here’s the PDF of roughly the last 30 seconds of the concerto. I still have to write the roughly 3 minutes of music leading up to this. Yes, I wrote the ending first. I figured, in this case, if I could get the ending right, it would be a lot easier to write the stuff leading up to it. Plus, if something ends well, audiences are more forgiving of what might have preceded it, and it’s certainly possible I’ll blow the rest of the movement.

AEJ and I saw The Bourne Ultimatum last night. Holy hell, that’s a great movie. I hope it makes a zillion dollars. It deserves every penny.

My desk chair is wearing out. I’ve only had it three years, but it’s getting holes in it, and it squeaks now. AEJ says that she can tell when I’m getting all worked up on something I’m writing (like I was when I was working on the finale), because she can hear my chair squeaking like crazy as I anxiously bounce around. We might have to go chair shopping. I don’t know, though; we know how much I hate shopping.


Cathy says

Congrats on finishing the Sax Concerto!

Nikk says

I don't know how you do it, man. Your process of composing fascinates me, and that's no joke. On a side note, I forgot DCI Finals was in your backyard. Are you going to a show? Is anyone doing your works this year?

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