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There won’t be any blog entries – or any other work – for the next two weeks. I’m gettin’ married on Saturday. If you need a score or parts, I’m sorry; nothing else will ship until at least January 30.

I was pretty bummed about one thing with the pending nuptials: the photographs. Not because I’m not going to be the one shooting the wedding (that would be a little weird — wedding photos with no groom). No, my problem was with my hair. I got my worst haircut in recent memory right before Midwest. If you saw me there, my apologies — assuming you even recognized me and didn’t mistake me for this person:

I thought it was all hopeless. I was going to have completely dorky pictures of my wedding for ever and ever. It was, and I don’t use this term lightly, a hairmergency. AEJ could see that it was causing me a lot of stress, and she suggested I call in some big guns.

I tend to be a little… concerned about my hair. Let’s be honest, people — I don’t have a whole lot else goin’ on. I’m, like, 4-foot-3 with a great big head and small feet (it’s a myth, ladies). As Eric said when cutting my hair today (read this with an almost unintelligibly thick French accent) “bad hair is the worst thing in the world.” (He also said things before he started cutting, like, “your profile is terrible” and “this shape is all wrong.” I think he was talking about my hair.)

So, hair is fixed, dinner and brunch reservations are made for after the wedding, the camera has been calibrated, and now all that’s left to do is go to Vegas, see some friends and family, and marry a woman so gorgeous, brilliant, and perfect that neither I nor said family and friends can figure out how I got this to happen.

See you in two weeks!


Alex says

Will we get to hear Clocking?

Sarah says

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!

Michelle says

Congrats! Have a great wedding and honeymoon! I look forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures. I have to ask, what music will you have at the wedding?! :) Just being a huge music geek :) Have a wonderful, wonderful time!

Kevin Howlett says

I'm sort of curious as to what kind of music will be at a composer's wedding--especially one where he's marrying a writer; all those creative tendencies. My money's either on "Open Arms" by Journey or the awesome version of "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" that Corigliano sent him.

Mark says

well, maybe Eric should cut your hair then.

Have a good wedding.

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