I know I’ve been incredibly lax about updates lately, but it’s been a crazy month. I was at Florida State from January 30 until February 3, then my mother came to visit until February 8th, when I left for Atlanta. I was just outside of Atlanta from the 8th until the 11th, when I went to Dallas/Fort Worth, then San Antonio (for the TMEA convention), and then I got home on the 18th. AEJ’s brother, Peter, came to visit from the 18th until the 20, and AEJ and I left for Las Vegas for a few days away on Tuesday. We just got home yesterday. Today is my first full day at home, sans house guests, in over 3 weeks. I leave for Chicago on Sunday.

Needless to say, this entry will be brief, but not uneventful.

While in Vegas, we played penny slots (and managed to get $1 up to over $8)…

… stayed in a crazy-fancy room at the Wynn hotel — on the 56th floor…

… contemplated buying jewel-encrusted pigs…

… went to a Japanese steak house (which was not Benihana)…

… enjoyed an incredible breakfast, right in our room (room service sure is fun — and have you ever seen a croissant with so many layers?!)…

… considered hula-hooping, as this was clearly a hula-hooping zone…

… went to an incredible dinner at Picasso, where we watched the Bellagio fountain show from a private terrace right on the water…

… and I asked AEJ to marry me. She said yes.


Daniel Montoya Jr. says

HOLY COW!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Anonymous says

Wow. How completely wonderful. Congratulations!

cory says

I am so happy for you both! Congratulations!!

The Tsar says

Freaking fantastic, John. Congratulations!

By the way...I ended up getting that interview at NAU. I leave on Sunday.

See you in a month. Once again, many congratulations to you and AEJ.

Novak says

Congratulations on your engagement! Sounds like you'll have to refer to your significant other as AEM soon!
See you in a month or so!

Sarah says

oh my gosh i'm so ridiculously excited! i love you guys! congrats! loki will make the perfect ringbearer!

Cathy says

How exciting! Congratulations on the upcoming blessed nuptuals.

Gershman says

Dude, you're totally marrying up. :) Congratulations--I can't think of two people better meant for each other. Really happy for you John.

Newman says


Jake Wallace says

congrats! all my best to both of you!

Michael Mathew says

Congrats on the engagement! I hope that you had fun at TMEA. I enjoyed briefly meeting you, and my kids loved playing Mass last fall!

jim says

WHOA!!! And here I was wandering by to see if there were more pictures from Florida...

Congratulations and very best wishes to you both!!!


devin & erin says

congratulations to both of you! we must get together soon to celebrate...

Courtney says

Congratulations! That's awesome news, and thanks for sharing it with your adoring fans *g*.

Anonymous says

I knew it!


Kevin Howlett says

'bout time, if you ask me. Congratulations to you both...and check this out, dude: I'm making this entry on my Wii! This thing is frickin' AWESOME!

Fletcher says

Hey! So this is ..uh.. more than a year late, but CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you chose wisely.

Kent @ What is Glutathione says

Was looking for a "Flying Pig" but I stumbled into you two today. Wowsa, true love still exists... and I hope y'all are in total Bliss!

Hum, wonder if I could put some wings on that Jewel Encrusted Pig? And in stead of "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds," it should have been "The Flying Pig in the Sky with Diamonds!" Ha & lol~! Best Wishes, you Love Birds! I'm off to find a Flying Pig and a Woman that can Walk on Water... tee, hee, hee~

Daniel Browning, Jr. says

I was also looking for some information about Wynn hotel and I come across this blog. What a beautiful romantic story between you two! I wish you all the best! :)

Mark Derulo says

Congrats John! You both look really sweeeet! :)

I'm curious what was the japanese meal that you had at the steak house. Doesn't look like steak to me...

Mark Derulo
Wichita, KS

P.S. - Your photo-shots are amazingly nice. Just saying...

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