Redline Tango at the BBC

On October 23, The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra performed “Redline Tango,” conducted by Andrew Litton.  I quoted the nice review back in October, but I just received the recording, and OH MY GOD IT IS FRIGGIN’ INSANE.  Holy shit, Andrew.  Talk about “redlining” the orchestra, and they keep up with him the whole way.  Litton has done some spectacular things with the piece before (his performance of it with the Minnesota Orchestra was incredible), but this is, hands-down (and balls-to-the-walls) the best Redline Tango performance ever, and very well may be the best performance I have ever heard of any of my music.  (The BBC musicians don’t hurt!)

Litton’s contrast between the fast sections, which are CRAZY (but not out-of-control), and the tango, which is the sultriest thing I’ve ever heard done with my music (and check out that Eb clarinet player!) — holy hell.  I mean, come on — WTF?  How is this possible?  When I listen to this recording, I can’t believe I ever had anything to do with the music in the first place.  This performance is way too good.

This is the first time a performance of Redline Tango has made me weep tears of joy.  Please listen to this — before the BBC makes me take it down.  (I’m hoping that because it’s streaming — like the BBC broadcasts on their website — this is actually okay…)


D says

This was probably the best way to start the week. Keep on being awesome.

P says

Pretty frickin' cool.

I'm trying to imagine how that must feel to have an orchestra of that caliber play your music. Wow.

Ria says

That was simply awesome. Thanks for posting the streaming mp3. Glad I got to listen before anyone took it down.

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