They Like Me!

American critics seem to hate me. British critics seem to be a bit nicer. I’ll take this, from just a few days ago…

From The Herald of the UK:

Dynamite. Sheer dynamite from beginning to end. That was the BBC SSO’s amazing concert on Thursday night with American conductor Andrew Litton and Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear. From top to bottom it was a real, live, electrifying performance, absolutely free of artifice, unselfconscious in every respect, and delivered with a compelling mix of evident meticulous preparation and almost heady spontaneity.
The opener, John Mackey’s breathtaking Redline Tango, was a giddy urban whirl of a piece, driven by exhilarating rhythms and high-speed flashing images such as the eye doesn’t quite catch through the window of a speeding subway.
A stunning event.

Star rating: *****


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