Never Looked Better

Politics is making me completely insane right now (other than some Daily Show brilliance on Friday — especially great starting around 5:00 in), and I needed an escape, so I found a great diversion:

Upload a picture, and it applies hairstyles and clothes from various years. So I uploaded my headshot, and I got…

Me with glasses.

Me with a fantastic ‘fro.

A mullet. (I seem to recall actually looking like this once…)

And, what I may actually look like soon…

If you’re bored, or just need an escape, check out What I don’t recommend, though, is uploading a picture of your cat.


Jonathan says

My friend put a picture of me on the fat person yesterday. =/

Lynn H says

I enjoy the ones of your cat, especially with that combover :)

Laura says

hah! Awesome. The mullet is pretty believable. Hm.

asil says

ok, scrolling down to the cat pictures made my pregnant belly laugh...

Mark S. says

I have to say, that was one of the highlights of my day.

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