Kingfishers Catch Fire : US Premiere

Tomorrow night (November 7), the UCLA Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Thomas Lee, will give the US Premiere of “Kingfishers Catch Fire.” Although US bands are not officially permitted to perform the work prior to December 1, an exception was made for Professor Lee so he could add the work to his repertoire prior to his performance of the piece with the Texas All-State Symphonic Band in February.

The performance is at 8pm in Schoenberg Auditorium. Yes, it’s that Schoenberg. I suspect my big, fat D major chord at the end of the piece will cause ol’ Arnold to turn in his grave…

On Thursday, AEJ and I are taking a short trip to Vegas to finalize the wedding plans. While there, we’re also going to see my best friend from undergrad, Damien Bassman, who is now the percussionist for Barry Manilow.

Seriously. Barry Manilow.

I love Barry Manilow — no joke — and now my friend is his full-time percussionist. The same friend for whom I wrote my Percussion Concerto… the same friend heard on the recording of Juba… the same friend with whom I used to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch “Grudge Match,” the short-lived knock-off of “American Gladiators.” And now he’s playing for Barry.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a very, very exciting trip.


Melissa says

Am I allowed to feel super-cool that he played at our wedding?


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