Who Loves John Mackey?

I just returned from a big trip to Athens (the one with REM, not the one with flaming cheese) and Kansas City (the one in Missouri, not the one in Kansas). I’ll write the debrief soon, but in the meantime, if you have a Facebook account, I have to ask — do you belong to the I Love John Mackey * group?

* Please note that the I Love John Mackey group is in no way affiliated with nor sanctioned by Mr. John Mackey nor OSTIMUSIC.COM, and Mr. Mackey only learned of the group from numerous links back to this blog. Mr. Mackey does not formally endorse any of the content found on the I Love John Mackey group. Although he can not officially encourage nor discourage you from joining, he may in fact think you’re cool only if you do belong to said group. Just sayin’.

Mr. Mackey does, however, officially endorse the group, “Dr. Puckett: The Greatest Music Theory Teacher of All Time.”


Joshua says

Yes! I do belong to this group!

Cathy says

This kid (the bari sax player in our Wind Ensemble) says that the sax solo in "Strange Humors" is the best thing he's ever heard. I bet he'd join your fan group.... But you'd never find me in a place like that!! ;) LOL

Cathy says

Oh dang, no pics allowed in comments, huh? Well, the URL to his pic is http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3171/2308191361_5678e3916a.jpg.

Jonathan C. says

Mr. Mackey,

I am the creator of the rather odd group on facebook. Ha, ha. I just want to say, as creepy as it looks, it definitely wasn't meant that way!

If you do not approve of having this group on facebook, I'd be more than happy to delete it. If you do approve, then we'll let it be. =D

By the way, you're more than welcome to join, if you approve. Ha, ha.


Mark S. says

I hate facebook.

I get too many friend application thingys.

John H. says

I am indeed in this facebook group.

- John

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