Vegas, baby. Vegas.

My mom was here over the weekend, and we talked about Vegas — and that put Vegas in our heads. AEJ and I have never been, and had been wanting to go. Then, out of nowhere, I received an unexpected check yesterday from ASCAP, and AEJ and I decided to put a little of it towards a sort of “rejuvenating getaway” — to Las Vegas.

We are SO excited about this. It’ll be a quick trip (3 days, 2 nights), but jam-packed. We’ll leave LA on Wednesday morning, and we’re going to drive. (We can get there in a little over 4 hours, and that saves me the stress of flying.) We’ll check in to the hotel (we’re staying at the Venetian, which seems both nice and cartoonish all at once), then grab some dinner, and then…

that night…

we’re going to see BARRY MANILOW! I am a HUGE Barry Manilow fan — HUGE! He’s performing almost exclusively in Vegas now, and seriously, he’s a big draw in getting me there. I haven’t seen him live since around 1995, so this will be Quite. A. Treat.

What will we do on Thursday and Friday? We don’t know, but we’re so excited to figure it out. Maybe we’ll do a gondola ride. What we’re DEFINITELY doing, though, is visiting Star Trek: The Experience. Set phasers to AWESOME.

And you can bet that there is going to be a SWEET photo blog entry when we get back! Just imagine…


Sarah Stern says

I totally can't wait for the Vegas pics. Also, since I'm genuinely addicted to your blog, I read about your take on the American Idol men contestants. May I ask what you think of the girls?

Michael Markowski says

You know you look like Clay Aiken, right? Don't ask me why I think that...

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

So you're a fanilow, eh?

jim says

Hate to spoil the kitsch factor, but I've done the Star Trek Experience, and it ain't all that... you SHOULD, however, definitely do the drop at top of the Stratosphere Tower (at night) -- blog the photo from that!!!

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