I’m at, I guess, the mid-way point in changing my hair. My new hair guy (I never call him “my stylist” — what straight guy says “my hair stylist?”) thinks I would look good with longer hair. Not, like, “making a statement” long hair, but longer than I’ve had it since, like, high school, when I was the dorkiest person you’ve ever seen.

The problem with this change is that the current length is driving me crazy. I used to get my hair cut every 4 weeks, and after 3 weeks, it was already bothering me. It’s now been about 3 months since I had a major cut, and my hair is in that in-between stage where I don’t know what to do with it. It looks… like I work in an office.

So, I keep trying to make it look “cool,” and I just can’t. I’m hoping by mid-September, when I start traveling heavily, that it’ll be where it’s supposed to be, and my Hair Guy can shape it the way he’s envisioning. I trust him — he does hair for the Go-Go’s, after all (I kid you not) — but I wish my hair would hurry up and grow already. Because I’m just about to buy khakis, some bad dress shoes, a stain-resistant short-sleeved dress shirt, and a tie from Mervyn’s, just to complete my current look.


Sarah says

Can I start calling you Chip?

Kevin Howlett says

If you did that you would look like the shop teacher.

Cathy says

Really, this look doesn't fit your persona??? ;)

Travis Taylor says

All I've got to say is; Green hair, dude.


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