UT performs “Kingfishers Catch Fire”

This afternoon at 4pm Elvis Time (CST), the University of Texas Wind Ensemble will close their program with my piece, “Kingfishers Catch Fire.”  Jerry Junkin will conduct.  I attended a couple of rehearsals over the past few weeks, and I think it’s going to be a fantastic performance.  They’re using six (six!) trumpets for the antiphonal parts at the end.  It’s mighty exciting — and sparkly.

The concert also includes “Suite Francaise” by Poulenc (one of my favorite composers), “Chant Funeraire” by Faure, “Suite Francaise” by Milhaud (not one of my favorite composers), and “Winds of Nagual” by Michael Colgrass.  The concert will also be webcast, so if you can’t make it in person, you can listen online via the webcast link on this page.

I was thinking the other day that there are certain words that one can’t use to describe oneself. These words can be used to describe you, perhaps, but once you say them about yourself, they aren’t true anymore. These words include “charming,” “classy,” and “maverick.” For example, if I say, “that guy did a really classy thing,” there’s nothing wrong with that. But if I say, “I am super classy” — then it’s automatically not true, because I’ve just said something fantastically tacky. Or if I say, “that’s one charming fellow” — fine (but admittedly dorky). But if I say, “I have to warn you ladies, that I can be quite the charmer” — inherently false.  “Legit” is another. “I think that story is probably legit” could be true. “You wanna buy my watch? $10. And my offer is totally legit” — not true.

And I’m not saying that there aren’t, I dunno, mavericks out there, but once you use the word to describe yourself, your use of the word automatically negates the truth of it. If one is referred to by a large group as being a “maverick,” and the word means that you go against a group, using the word to describe yourself just shows that you’re part of said group, thus negating the meaning.  It’s like saying “I’m a rebel.”  If you have to say it, it’s probably not true.

I assure you that my classy logic is legit.

And in anticipation of today’s UT concert, I leave you with a photo of conductor Jerry Junkin executing the famous Junkin Bitchslap™.


Alex says

I'm currently trying to listen to the stream but the link isn't working. Odd because I have listened to two concerts before here successfully...

Samantha says

The stream wasn't working for me either. I was really sad. I love Kingfishers Catch Fire. It's seriously one of my favorite songs!

Kevin Howlett says

I think your logic overall applies to positive attributes. I often tell people that I am an asshole and that is undoubtedly true.

Cathy B says

Did I tell you that I found the original Japanese recording of Kingfishers when I was in Japan last February? Great CD!

C. Jones says

Milhaud's works seem inconsistent, but to borrow a phrase from your blog "Suite Francaise" is "charming", and it's fun to play. BTW, I enjoyed playing "Undertow" at the Texas Bandmasters Association Convention.

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