Undertow recording

I don’t want to steal any attention from the recording and score for the sax quartet version of “Strange Humors,” also posted today, but…

I just posted the recording of the premiere performance of “Undertow,” performed by Cheryl Floyd and the Hill Country Middle School Band.

It’s my first piece for “young band,” although Cheryl Floyd’s band certainly doesn’t play it like a young band.



JD says

Just listened to the recording. Pretty damn impressive...both the band and the piece. Great job John!

Travis Taylor says

Cheryl Floyd has done something amazing with this band! This is better than some Honors Bands that I've been in and listened to! This is just absolutely amazing how well they perform the piece; you already know that I think the piece is great... But I'm still in awe over this band -- a Middle School nonetheless.

She seriously needs to start giving lectures on teaching the youth in the arts, I'm sure everyone can learn something from her.

Way cool.


Cathy says

Oh.My.Goodness. I knew her band was amazing but this is beyond that. Especially when you remember this is a middle school group. It's a very exciting piece, to boot, too! Congrats John.

Alexandra says

Wow, awesome performance - congrats! Do you even remember when you were concerned about the alternating meters??

Hoping the tamborine player got some extra kudos!

Someone who notices details says

Ok...I noticed..."Asphalt Cocktail"? Under "Music: Works in Progress"? Care to explain?

peter jaques says


who needs adults.

Taylor F. says

ya i really loved undertow i played a tennessee premiere of it, it was really fun and i played it for jr. clinic we practiced and played in 2 days and did it perfect.Our conductor was David Romines.
it was really fun and good piece of music and i loved the switching around of the 7/8 time and 4/4 time
that made it even more fun and exciting.
i just wish you could have heard it i get a cd of it soon if you want i can load it onto my computer and try to email it to you.

Blake W. says

I was also in that junior clinic band that played the Tennessee Premier of your piece. I played the Baritone Sax and I loved how it seemed to be showcased. I wouldn't know if you intended it to be that way, but I really enjoyed it anyway. This was hte first piece of yours that I have played , and I can't wait to play some of your other pieces.

Darien says

I just listened to the performance last night at the Georgia district honors band concert. The piece was so amazing, I had to find it online somewhere! It sent chills up my spine listening to it. Amazing, I thank you for bringing a piece like this into our world.

p.s. The tom part blew my mind! My friend's performance of it was phenomenal!

A former Willow Wood band member says

Wow that is pretty good, but its still not as good as ours. Just found your site and hope our band plays Foundry really well!

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