UCLA, Texas A+M

I just read that Amazon’s quarterly sales were up. I think that’s almost entirely due to the shopping habits of AEJ and I, with our frequent purchases like the world’s best rice cooker (it plays “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” when you press the Start button!) and countless other fun kitchen supplies. To the executives at Amazon.com, I say, “You’re welcome.”

Tomorrow I’m spending the afternoon at UCLA. I’ll be having lunch with Gordon Henderson — who will be conducting “Redline Tango” on their next concert — and Ian Krouse, composer and Chair of the UCLA Music Department (and former teacher of my friend, composer Bob Gates). After lunch, I’ll work with the wind ensemble, and then I’m heading to West LA Music to pick up a copy of Kontakt, the software sample player. I’m tired of MachFive and its lack of updates and support, and its inability to take full advantage of the VSL samples. Speaking of which, I just bought the Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophone collection. I’ve barely gotten to play with them, but I think they’re going to be great, especially for the upcoming Saxophone Concerto for UT. (More on that in the near future.)

On Sunday, I’m heading to Commerce, Texas, to work with Jeff Gershman’s group at Texas A+M Commerce. They’re doing both “Mass” (which I haven’t heard live since the Juilliard premiere in 2005), and “Sasparilla.” Dinner, I’m told, will be at a place called Jasper’s. Photos will, of course, be taken.

“24” is getting a lot better. It’s a shame that it’s taken more than half of the season for the writers to figure out where the hell they’re going with the plot, but now it’s back on track. This season would have been a lot better had it been “12,” but if they keep going at the pace they set last night — and kick up the action even more next week when Jack Bauer hijacks an airplane! — well, it should be enough to get me back next season.


Cathy says

Jaspers, hmmm... I've been to Commerce twice in the past year and never have gone there. I keep getting taken to the little Italian place. It's pretty good for eating but not always good for pictures.

Matt says

Hey John, it's Matt; the DMA trombone guy from UCLA. It was great to have you out today - lots of insight into your vision of the piece will make it lightyears easier for the ensemble over the next few weeks. If you ever feel like dropping by again, you know where to find us!

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