Two Thumbs Up

AEJ’s movie, “Seraphim Falls,” got two Thumbs-Up on Ebert & Roeper this weekend. The movie, starring Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson, opens in selected cities on Friday the 26th.

We haven’t seen it, so I don’t know how much of AEJ’s brilliant script made it to the screen, but I think we’re attending a screening this week. Isn’t it crazy that the screenwriter doesn’t see the movie until right before it opens?! If I didn’t hear a piece until it premiered, I’d go nuts.

You can watch the trailer and check that list of “selected cities” on the film’s official site. Here in LA, it’s playing at The Arclight, which is pretty awesome. It’s all a little surreal. I still can’t believe I saw AEJ’s dialogue on an episode of Ebert & Roeper — and it got 2 thumbs up. There’s also a feature in today’s (Sunday) New York Times Arts & Leisure section. It’s just… well, it’s pretty cool.

And no matter what they’ve done with her script, there’s no denying that they stuck Pierce Brosnan in a sweet costume. Check out that awesome fluffy coat. I could never pull off such a thing.

We’re having a little trouble focusing on it, though, because we can’t pull ourselves away from Animal Crossing. Today is the fishing tournament!


Cathy says

That coat IS awesome!!

Congrats to AEJ for the movie credits. I'm not much of a western movie fan but with this being within six degrees of separation, I might just have to go see it. Does she get any royalties from my going in the theater? Does this movie give me the six degrees of separation to Pierce Brosnan, et. al.?

Any chance that AEJ will make it out to TMEA? I'd love to meet her, too!

Anonymous says

Congrats to AEJ!

and thank you for reminding me to play Animal Crossing... I've completely rejected those poor animals for the past month... hopefully they don't hate me now!

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