Twinkies: Delicious

That’s all. Just wanted to point out that the Twinkie is really a tasty treat. I stopped by the 7-11 after tonight’s rehearsal and picked up a few. Creamy, fun, delicious.

And dinner tonight : also just fantastic. I managed to find a Pizza Hut Delivery shop on my way to rehearsal. I went in and ordered a personal pan pepperoni pizza “for carryout.”

Sure, I ate it in my car, because I’m a picture of class. But can you blame me? (As you can see, I couldn’t even resist eating a piece before taking the picture.)
Doesn’t it look delicious? And shiny? (And what’s better than shiny food? Seriously. Name me one thing that’s better than shiny food. Well, okay, two things.)


Anonymous says

Hey John...I'm not sure how long you'll be out in Seattle but if you have some free time you should totally check out the EMP, its a really good time. Oh, and if you happen to come across some rare PJ memorabilia please feel free to pick it up for me.

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