Turbine: Up, Up, & Away

A few dozen people have found it already, but I may as well make an official posting about it. I uploaded “Turbine” — the MP3 of the MIDI realization and the PDF of the full score — to the new Turbine page yesterday. Give it a look (and a listen, but be kind about the MIDI-ness of it), and let me know what you think!


Robert says

Very awesome.

Nikk Pilato says

I think it sounds like it's going to be:

a. Fun
b. "Wicked hahd" as SJ would say.
c. A beeyotch to work up.

Now, remember...you have about...say...5 or 6 years before I start calling you up to commission you for the "good" slow piece. You have a lot of time to sketch, just don't use up the good ideas. Heh heh.

Take care. "Turbine" sounds great. I'll be in Memphis with the FSU contingent and will hear it then.

Travis Taylor says

So, I live an hour and a half from the premiere. Just listened to this midi, and by the way it sounds; if I am present to the premiere - it'll more than likely a'splode my head.


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