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I received the CD today of the CBDNA performance of “Turbine,” performed by Rick Clary and the Florida State University Wind Orchestra. At the time of the concert, I thought it may have been the best performance I’ve ever had of any of my music, in any medium, ever. I wondered if I’d just been caught up in the moment. Now that I’ve heard the recording, though, I know my first impression was right.

This performance is, quite simply, a perfect rendition of “Turbine.” I don’t know how Rick Clary managed to fix every screwy balance issue in this thickly-scored piece, but he sure as hell did. The previous two FSU performances of the piece — posted here in February — were great, but this trumps them both, and by a lot.

I didn’t know the piece could ever sound this good. Check it out.


Anonymous says

man..what a performance. I've listened to those other FSU recordings over and over and this one just brings out things I've never heard before..

such clarity..

Daniel Montoya Jr. says


that's amazing.

Sourik says

Love the guy at the very end of the piece going "WHOAH!" haha. Great stuff.

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