Turbine at FSU: Part I – The Audio

I’m back from Florida State, and it was an absolutely incredible trip. One of the best. The problem is that I just got back on Saturday afternoon, slept most of the day, and today, I’ve been frantically revising the “Turbine” parts to reflect the changes that I made during the FSU rehearsals. Nothing huge — a new doubling during the tune at one point to help with balance; revising an awkward color shift that never really worked; clarifying a few percussion instrument options… Together, the changes take a while, though. I also made a huge print job and sent it off to my copy shop in anticipation of TMEA next week. Shattinger Music, the only place to purchase my music if you don’t get it directly from me, will be exhibiting at TMEA for the first time this year, and they’ve ordered 10 copies of each score. Add to this the fact that I’m completely out of sets of both “TurbineandRedline Tango,” and orders are pending on several rentals — meaning I had to request newly printed full sets of parts, too. It’s all worked out to be a print job of 15 sets of parts and 50 scores — and many hundreds of dollars, and who-knows-how-many pounds. My wussy arms aren’t going to be able to carry those boxes.

The rush is because my mother is coming to visit tomorrow morning, and staying until Thursday — the same day that I leave again. So, today was really my only day to catch up on things before I leave for 10 days. This is all my way of trying to explain why I can’t yet write The Tale of Turbine and Strange Humors (and Newman) at Florida State. For now, I’ll just direct you to the newly-posted, 100% live recording — that’s right; not a single edit — of Rick Clary’s unbefrackinglievable performance of “Turbine” from Friday night. Seriously. If you’ve only ever heard the studio recording of “Turbine,” you need to hear this. When the ensemble made me start tearing up on stage at the end of the rehearsal on Wednesday (I swear, it must have been an allergy or something), I knew the concert was going to be good. See for yourself. I mean, just check out the French horns! Do you hear that insane rip up to the high D in the penultimate bar?!

What’s incredible is that they’re going to perform it again in a few weeks at FSU, and then, a month after that — after another month of even more preparation and tweaking — they’re going to perform it at the CBDNA convention in Ann Arbor. Holy christ, that’s going to be incredible.

So, pictures will come another day. For now, crank up the MP3, and take a look at the poster that FSU conducting student Nikk Pilato made for the concert. One of his best, I think. And yes, if you look really closely, you’ll see the numbers from “Lost” inside the actual turbine. Oh, and Rick Clary’s head.


Anonymous says

man...that's an awesome recording.

I love this piece so much. that "soaring theme" of sorts gives me chills everytime I hear it..

Travis Taylor says

Loudest work for any ensemble ever. John, I have a cousin who goes to FSU, her name is Lilian Taylor -- not too sure if you came across her though, I told her to go see the concert. I hope she did.

I also just found out that she was attending FSU, I hadn't talked to her in forever. But that's irrelevant.


The Tsar says

Since your website gets many more hits than mine does, I might add that...

...my poster-making ability is for hire if anyone out there wants a recital poster made for them. Plus I work cheap! :-)

Fun having you here, John, as always. One of these days I will find a way to intercept the waitress and the check before you can. See you in a few weeks.

Ike (from Michigan) says

Man, I love the trombone...and brassy endings...its just delicious.

I will be at the hill for the CBDNA concert, and I am more than thrilled to hear this baby live...mm

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