Triple Digits!

Today, I sold the 100th copy of “Undertow.” This is completely crazy to me. The piece just premiered in May. I don’t quite understand how 100 copies moved so fast. 100 copies, I know, is not a huge number (Whitacre sold something like 500 copies of “Lux Aurumque” in the first month it was available), but to me, 100 copies is an astronomical amount. By comparison, I think Redline Tango has had something approaching 200 performances — and it’s almost five years old.

In other good news, I finished and delivered the materials (score & parts) for “Asphalt Cocktail” last night. Man alive, what a relief. Next up is a piece for Stuart High School in Falls Church, VA. I already know what I want to do with the piece, so I’m excited to get to work on it.  I do need a short break first, though, so…

This afternoon, we’re going with Steve and Verena to the outlet mall in San Marcos to celebrate. Verena finished her DMA comps yesterday, so it’s relief all around.

While we’re there, maybe I’ll look for a new toy for Loki. Loki’s favorite toy right now is his laser pointer. He’ll actually find it and carry it to us, dropping it at our feet when he wants to play.  (I’m kind of impressed that a cat has figured out that the red dot he’s chasing around the room is coming from this little plastic stick.)  Sometimes he chases the laser, but sometimes he just likes watching it, like it’s some sort of show. Turn on your heartlight, Mr. Kitty.


Sarah says

cutest picture EVER.

Joe says

Catnip and Pink Floyd is what he is wanting.

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