Travel, travel

I just confirmed my travel itinerary for February. This is crazy…

February 15: Los Angeles to San Antonio for the TMEA convention (including Rick Clary’s performance of “Sasparilla” with the 5A All-State band and Fred Velez’s performance of “Redline Tango” with the Texas A&M Kingsville wind ensemble)

February 19: San Antonio to Lexington, Kentucky, to rehearse with the U. Kentucky wind ensemble for the premiere of “Turbine” and the “unofficial premiere” in Lexington

February 23 (my dad’s birthday): Lexington, Kentucky, to Nashville, Tennessee, for the CBDNA Southern Division “official” premiere of “Turbine

February 26: Nashville to Waco, Texas, to rehearse with the Baylor Wind Ensemble for the premiere of “Strange Humors

February 28: Waco to Dallas for the world premiere of “Strange Humors” at the ABA convention on March 1, then the Dallas Wind Symphony performance of “Redline Tango” (for the Ostwald award presentation) on March 3

March 4: Dallas to Los Angeles — home!

That’s 5 performances, 5 hotels, 2 world premieres, 4368 frequent-flyer miles, and 18 long days away from home.

And, presumably, many, many hotel lounge cocktails.


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Sarah Stern says

Must be nice to be famous.

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