Tokyo Kosei

I’ve just returned home from a trip to the University of Kansas and Lousiana State University. There will be a photo entry soon — probably tomorrow — but first I need to catch up on email. I did receive an exciting thing today — a CD of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra’s recent performance of “Redline Tango.” It’s kind of astonishing — the sax solo in particular. Lordy lordy, that’s a hell of a band. I posted it on the “Redline Tango” page, if anybody wants to check it out.

See you tomorow with a real update!


Anonymous says

I am the mother of a student at LSU and attended the concert with him for his music class. I wanted to say that I love your work. I heard it for the first time on Tuesday at LSU and will be listening to you on line every chance I get.
You have a wonderful gift. Keep up the great work.

Cathy says recording!

Kevin Howlett says

That sax solo is killer, dude. Thanks for posting that recording!

Joshua S. Jackson says

gotta love tokyo....hopefully I will catch up with you when you are in Knoxville. I am going to murfreesboro the day of the UT concert to work on a piece im premiering there in dec. Hope to get back for the UT concert

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