Tick tock, tick tock

I hate waiting for deliveries of exciting, much-anticipated items. This happened a few weeks ago when I was waiting for my new computer, and it’s happening again as I wait for the new printer. I just keep refreshing the FedEx tracking page, hoping to see, “Status: Parking truck on 69th Street.”

I put a new sound file on the site a few days ago. It’s music I wrote for a little internet ad for MetLife. (Much thanks to The Abacus for securing that unusual gig.) It’s short & sweet and doesn’t do much, but it shows off some pretty fantastic guitar samples from the Hans Zimmer Guitar Collection.

It’s fun writing little 60-second tunes. I would love to write music for commercials, partially because it’s fun and a lot easier to write a 30-second “tune” than a 15-minute “piece,” and partially because the money is appealing.

And money is fun because it lets you buy treats.


abacus says

Waiting - the price we pay for treats. (Well, in addition to, you know, the actual price.)

Happy printer day!

Newman says

My Elite XL 608 with 800dpi (after RAM upgrade) and a serial connection and a power cable that falls out randomly and new recall notice which claims it will catch fire at any moment, salutes you, and your new manly machine.

Anonymous says

oh i *love* that sofa. Why anyone would want it in chartreuse is beyond me, but I think the cream would stain horribly and the black wouldn't play well with Loki. Decisions decisions. It's shagadellic.


jbonney says

Just listened to the Met-Life jingle -- very pretty. Made me want to go out and get all insured. And I loved the tamboura (tapping the body of the guitar) near the top of the tune... gives it that human "fingerprint" when a sequencer is your only friend. Nice stuff!

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