This is the first entry in my first blog.

I don’t have any idea yet where this will go…

I’m still working on the commission for the Juilliard dance division. Robert Battle will be back in town on Monday, and he’s expecting to hear what I have so far — which really should be the finished piece. I have nearly 12 minutes of music so far, and the commission is for a piece 12-15 minutes long. I suppose I could “fade and ad lib” or something, but Robert and I don’t usually fade out at the end of pieces. If anything, we crescendo. Robert’s first rehearsal is on September 13 — a week from Monday.

Lots of travelling coming up this fall. I’ll be in Seattle for the first week of my “Music Alive” residency starting in late October. I’m excited about the trip, but disappointed that I won’t be back home for Halloween. Halloween itself isn’t a very exciting holiday to me, but there’s a nice block party on my street every year, and it’s fun to see how the residents decorate the brownstones.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


Newman says

Nice. So you went with blogger. Welcome. Bwahahahah....

I do remember a fade-out in the premiere version of Rush Hour. There is precedent. But perhaps it doesn't count, 'cause I think you re-wrote the ending...

John Mackey says

Um, I re-wrote that whole PIECE several times. There was the original with the wussy fade-out, then the orchestrated version with the big ending (from the Percussion Concerto), then the re-worked chamber version for electric string quintet, clarinet, and drum set. Now I just re-write Breakdown Tango over and over again.
But don't tell anybody.

abacus says

My greatest Halloween regret is that you won't be sporting the mullet wig. I'd have paid cash money to see that. Sigh.

Anonymous says

Damn...I thought you were going to be a pimp for halloween, that would have ruled or seeing you in a mullet would have been just as good.

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