The Jury is In: “24” is a hit!

Keeping the blog interesting for the summer — when I don’t have a whole lot to report — is going to be tricky (as evidenced by that fantastically lame and desperate entry title). I do have jury duty on Monday, and maybe there will be an interesting story to report from that experience. I doubt it, though.

When I had jury duty several years ago, I got one of the lawyers in trouble by asking for a clarification of a law, which he started to answer — until the judge told him that it was her job to give the interpretation of the laws, not his. Needless to say, I was not selected to serve on that jury.

I’m hoping the same thing happens this time — that I get excused without having to serve on an actual trial.

AEJ and I finished watching season 3 of “24” on DVD last night. Totally the most dreary and bleak season of “24” ever, but still unbelievably great stuff. Season 4 may have been my favorite, largely because it didn’t include Kim Bauer (worst. character. ever. — but beware of season 1 & 2 spoilers if you click that link), but season 3 was definitely more-than-worth watching. For those who haven’t yet seen this show, take my word for it: This box set was the best DVD purchase AEJ and I have ever made — perhaps the best $120 ever spent. Ever. I would recommend the “24 Starter Set,” which contains the first two episodes of the series, but you’d end up wanting the box set anyway…

Since I don’t have much to offer today, I refer you to the blog of Wil Wheaton. No matter how you felt about him on Star Trek: The Next Generation, there’s no denying that he’s a great writer, and keeps a dependably entertaining (and often truly moving) blog. Give it a read. Plus, if enough people follow those links, maybe Wil will follow those referrals back here and start reading my blog! Wouldn’t that be cool (but quite unrewarding for Wil)?!


RN says

24 rules! Thanks again for turning me on to it. Your track record is still perfect.

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