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I just got an email asking if I’d consider writing a harp part for “Redline Tango.” The original orchestra version has a pretty prominent harp part, but I never put it in the band version because, at the time, I figured nobody would have a harp. I’ve now sat through countless performances of “Redline Tango” where there’s a perfectly fantastic harp player in the piece right before mine, and he/she (although I’ve never seen a male harp player in a wind ensemble) gets up and walks off the stage before “Redline Tango.”

I think it’ll only take a day or so to put the harp part in. I’m not insanely busy right now, and it’s worth doing. Plus, the ensemble that asked me to do this is THE DALLAS WIND SYMPHONY. That’s right — I just yelled that. It’s now confirmed that Jerry Junkin is doing “Redline Tango” with the Dallas Wind Symphony at Midwest this year. How friggin’ sweet is that?! I also just checked their schedule, and it appears they’re doing “Redline Tango” on September 26 at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas as well. Hot damn.

This means, confirmed for Midwest, are “Redline Tango” with the Dallas Wind Symphony, and “Turbine” with Permian High School. I’m still holding out for a band that’s considering “Strange Humors” for their Midwest program… Cross your fingers…


Daniel Montoya, Jr. says


SJA says

Pretty much the bands you want to get played by are gonna have harps. Dallas, obviously, all the premiere military bands, the major conservatories, all have harps. Conversely, the kind of band that doesn't have a harp may not be at the level at which you want to hear your tunes. Sure, it's nice to get stuff played, but not if they're going to crap all over it.

Courtney says

Thanks for writing the harp part...I'm sure our harpist will appreciate it, since she was already going to be in Chicago anyway. Looking forward to MIDWEST, BABY, YEAAH. [/end Austin Powers voice]

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