The End

I’ve been intending to post a final “cross country drive” blog entry for several days, but it’s pretty anti-climactic. I mean, Oklahoma had the American Idol, and Texas had the biggest cross in the western hemisphere, but New Mexico, Arizona, and the desert in California have… well, beauty. Lots and lots of beauty.
New Mexico had this mountain:

And lots of others. It had long stretches of straight roads:

And this crazy summer thunderstorm off in the distance:

Which got closer…

…and eventually poured torrential rains all over our car.

When we reached Santa Fe, we found that every meal included green chiles. Even this burger:

The burger was tasty, but this particular place started with a frozen patty, and I can’t condone that.

Arizona was the prettiest state we visited on this drive. Unfortunately, our driving schedule required us to drive through some of the prettiest part at night, so we missed a lot of the scenery. Here’s a picture of me, popping my head out of our car somewhere in Arizona.

Arizona had beautiful plants, and a lot more color than I expected for essentially the desert.

Next up, at 85 mph, was — finally — California. California had these crazy black rocks. What are these?

And this certainly deserved a picture. Our first Californian In-N-Out Burger!

We can’t figure out what it is, but the light looks different in California. They should make movies here.

But to go along with the gorgeous light, there’s… traffic.

Finally settling in here in LA, we’ve had our first cookout…

… featuring some perfectly delicious burgers. No frozen patties here, my friend.

I washed the 3600 miles worth of bugs off of the car…

… and we sat on the deck and enjoyed some of that California light.


jim says

Welcome home, JM and AEJ!

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

I want unpacking pics!!!

John Mackey says

I'm afraid there are no unpacking pics to share. Once the place starts looking the way we want, there will be a few indoor pics -- like of my office, which I'm very excited about.
As for the movers... They damaged that TV that you complimented. Yep. Scratched the hell out of the screen and the case. Fortunately, it's all insured, because I called Sony today, and that repair ain't cheap. The rest of the move -- and the unpacking -- has gone smoothly. Not much to look at, though...

Newman says

I think the black rocks are volcanic.

Green chiles, tho. Even on a frozen patty. Good stuff.

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

you wash your car in jeans and a nice shirt?

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