Texas Tour

I was excited to find out this morning that I’m heading back to Texas in a few weeks for two short residencies. First up, from September 28-October 2, will be my first visit to The University of Texas at Austin to work with Jerry Junkin on his performance of “Redline Tango.” The concert will be on October 1 — my birthday! I’m really bummed that I won’t be spending my birthday with AEJ this year. I’m kind of in denial about that. We’re just going to pretend my birthday is October 6.

On the morning of October 3, I’ll head from Austin up to Lubbock for a few days on the Texas Tech University campus. Sarah McKoin is doing “Turbine” in a concert on October 5. I’ll head back home on Friday the 6th.

These trips are sandwiched between two trips to Arizona State, where Gary Hill is doing “Turbine.” I’ll be there on September 25-26 and again on October 12-14. The concert is October 14.

And, by the way — “Snakes on a Plane” kicks ass. AEJ and I saw it Friday night in a packed theater full of people who most definitely read about the movie on the Internets. I’ve never seen so many comic book readers in one place in my life. It was a blast.


Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

You know what a visit to Austin means, don't ya???

Cathy says

Dinner at my house? I make a mean lasagna...as well as other things.


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