Symphony for Band – an update, with audio

For several months, I’ve been writing a symphony for band for the University of Texas. The world premiere will be at the Texas Music Educators Convention in February. Two movements are done (as of today). I don’t expect to post any other full demo recordings prior to the premiere, but I’m a little too excited about this one, so…

Here’s movement three — the scherzo. The title is “The attentions of souls.” You can download the full score here. The audio – created with the Vienna Symphonic Library (including their prepared piano library – yes, there’s piano, prepared with chains, in the piece) – is below.

It starts slow. It doesn’t stay there.


Andy Mast says

Bravo - very cool. I can't wait to hear/study/rehearse/perform the piece down the road. Good luck with the remainder of the piece!

Cheryl Floyd says

The beginning makes me think of Ursala from "The Little Mermaid" collecting souls over and over...can't wait to hear the premiere...I'm certain it will have that distinct Mackey touch!

Chris Gleason says

Fantastic! So many wonderful timbres. Can't wait to hear the rest of the work. Congratulations!

Thomas Jeffries says

Very cool. I'm especially a fan of the Phantom of the Opera-like synth chords and the contrast between the sparsity of some parts and the glorious dense sound of others.
I've been a fan of yours since I played first horn on Aurora Awakes and heard you speak with the Massachusetts All State concert band this year. Thanks, and keep it coming!

Tim Gleason says

Really enjoyed listening to this movement! I look forward to hearing the other movements. Great stuff.

cb says

Effing brilliant! I loved the clip of UT playing it too! Can't wait to buy a recording.

P.S. This is exactly the type of music I would write if I was adept at writing music at all...

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