Super. Star.

So, there’s a super huge announcement. But first, some really exceptionally dull things…

I’m still working — painfully slowly — on the new piece. I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday, so hopefully things will get moving now. One unfortunate element to this piece is that it looks like it’s going to have a whole lot of notes. Lots and lots and lots of notes.

I have an interview tomorrow for a residency with an orchestra. The orchestra is flying me in for the day so I can meet everybody, which feels like a bit of pressure. I really hope it works out and they select me, because it’s a great opportunity and would be a lot of fun. Wish me luck…

AEJ and I had dinner with Teddy last night. He’s one of the very few people I know here in LA, and we had a nice time.


I’ve written many times about how AEJ’s input into my work is indispensable. I’ve mentioned that she’s a writer, and her instincts about narrative and structure and pacing are always spot-on. Why does she waste her incredible brainpower helping me, you asked. Shouldn’t she put it towards something more substantive? Well, she does.

Since it’s now “official,” I can say — specifically — why AEJ and I moved to LA. Here’s the link. She’s a superstar, that gal of mine. I’m so proud of her, I think I’ll link to it every day. Shooting starts next Monday. Cray. Z.

So I guess I’ll stay home and be Mr. Mom with the kitty while AEJ hobnobs with celebrities. No complaints from my end.


Lissajeen says

Please pass on super-congratulations from me - (will wirte her when I get two bits of brainspace)

R says

That is freakin' awesome! Just great news. I'm going to miss you guys on the 5th for the big bash.

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