Still Waiting

Well, my computer is still at the Apple store, waiting for repair. Actually, it’s awaiting a part, which they’ll put in to see if it helps. So, after about a week, they’re really still trying to figure out what’s wrong with it. It’s one of those “we’ll swap that part, and if the problem goes away, then the problem must have been that part.” It’s fine, I guess, but a little frustrating, as without my own computer, I have trouble getting much done, so I find myself doing even less than usual.
And imagine if medicine handled “repairs” the same way. “Mr. Bonney, I understand you’re having problems catching your breath. Hmm… Well, let’s start by removing your left leg, and see what effect that has. If you still have problems breathing, we’ll remove something else. Don’t worry; we’ll find the problem. It just might take a while.”

The weekend was good. AEJ and I had a pleasant, lazy time, which we appreciated all the more because I’ll be out of town in Seattle for the next two weekends. (Fortunately, that will be my last trip until Fall.) We had a few tasty dinners, watched some DVDs, and installed Tiger on the laptop. We even got a chance to have brunch at our favorite place, and had friends over for dinner and a movie last night. It was pretty much the way weekends should be.

As a side note, it seems that Chef Boyardee has, again, changed the recipe for their pizza sauce. It was tasty, and not quite as watery as the last version, but it’s lost a lot of the zest it once had. We still enjoyed it, of course, but why did they feel the need to mess with perfection?

I’m mostly over the cold that I’ve had for the past week, so I’m going to go for a run in Central Park today. I haven’t gotten any good exercise for over a week, and it’s starting to make me cranky. This afternoon, I’m heading to the biggest schmooze-fest of the year, the American Music Center‘s annual awards ceremony. It’s always a good event — and there’s free wine! I hope I don’t get completely drunk and embarrass myself. If I do, maybe you’ll read about it here.


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