Still no progress

Even when I make an honest effort to get some work done, I run into problems. Presently, it’s software problems. I’ve been using a software sampler called MachFive, whch runs as a plugin under Digital Performer. I’m still running DP 4.12 (the current version is 4.6), and 4.12 doesn’t run well under Tiger. (Specifically, the app keeps crashing, and if it doesn’t crash, and I try to quit the program, it locks up.) I updated the MachFive plugin, hoping the newer version would be more stable, but after several crashes this morning, I’m now unable to even start up Digital Performer. Looks like I need to restart. A new stand-alone (non plugin) version of MachFive was announced in January. I wish they’d hurry up and ship it.

At least I’ve ruled out one of possibilities I was considering for the SEC piece. I was toying with the idea of re-writing “Mass” for winds, but after playing with it a little yesterday, I’ve decided against it. It might end up sounding okay — some of it would work pretty well — but it wouldn’t be much fun to play. (Does anybody really want to play the same four pitches over and over for 12 minutes?) Ruling out that option at least reduces my choices by one. I’m still considering the “Annuals” idea, as well as a little cell of an idea that I got yesterday from an Earth, Wind & Fire song.
I’m serious.


Anonymous says

>>>Does anybody really want to play the same four pitches over and over for 12 minutes?

Philip Glass symphonies anyone?

-A huge Glass fan

John Mackey says

I'm more of a Reich fan than a Glass fan, but as much as I love that stuff, I can't imagine it's a whole lot of fun for the players! Maybe I'm wrong. (Nah - couldn't be!)

Anonymous says

Who knows, I'm probably just weird, but I'd love to play Glass' 2nd Symphony

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