Steady Hand

I went for a very nice 22 mile bike ride today on the Minuteman Bike Path. It being October 5, that was probably the last ride of the year.

I had my iPhone 5 with me, and I took a few pictures with the new panorama mode.

One observation about the iPhone’s panorama mode: if you don’t hold your hand steady as you pan from left-to-right, you end up with jagged black holes in the picture edges. This isn’t some appearance of the Smoke Monster from Lost (minus 10 points for a badly dated reference); I apparently just can’t pan smoothly.  Oops.

Another observation: if you squish the panoramic image to a more standard 4×6 ratio, it’s not quite as impressive.

Aren’t you glad I’m updating my blog more regularly?


Brian says

Wait, it's only the beginning of October. Why on earth would that be the last ride of the year?!i know you live in Boston but it's not *that* cold!

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