Squirrels Can’t Read

Today’s update.  It’s a brief one.  Since the last post (where I detailed the differences between an iPhone camera and an SLR — did you read it?)…

I prepared toppings for a pizza. “Pearls” seems a weird brand name for a company that sells black olives.  (Background: a vodka tonic with Grey Goose L’Orange.)

Toppings were applied to the pizza.

Loki snuggled.

I turned on the fireplace for the first time this season. (It’s off now, because the temperature here in Cambridge has returned to 73 degrees.)

We had to get a new garbage can. It turns out that squirrels – even the neighborhood Harvard squirrels – can’t read.

That’s about it. Have you been playing with the site’s new Ordering page? You really should. Shopping is super fun.

I’m off to UT-Austin on Thursday. I’m excited to be back for the first time since we moved to Cambridge over a year ago. Who wants to have margaritas?


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