Special thanks to ‘That One,’ er, Newman

In one of the great birthday presents, Jonathan Newman wrote code for my website. Thanks to him, there is now a Performance Database. I used to have to manually enter every performance into each webpage, typing it as HTML into a table via Dreamweaver, then uploading the page whenever I made a change. Now, the whole thing is done with a PHP database. I type in the info, and it’s placed, with proper formatting, into the master page.

I haven’t entered many previous performances yet, but I think I have most of the confirmed future performances in there. I also haven’t added a menu button for the list yet (I’m busy with the new piece, so some of these fun activities have to wait), so for now, the only way to see the fancy new list is by following this link.

If you’re performing a piece of mine this year but you don’t see your concert listed, email the info to me.

Thanks, Newman!


Newman says

No no, it was Steve-o who wrote the code in the first place. Alls I can do is tweek.

Looks nicely tweeked!

Matt Schoendorff says

And here I was thinking that Newman (or Steve) voted for an energy bill on the floor of the Senate loaded down with goodies, billions for the oil companies, sponsored by Bush and Cheney.

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