Speaker pr0n

(One of my previous entries — about an enormous camera lens I had for a short time — is called “Lens P*rn” — only with an “o” where the “*” is. As a result, when my dad tries to click that link from work, he gets a pop-up warning him that he could be fired if he tries to read it from the office.)

I was looking at new speakers a few weeks ago, and was totally digging the text that they put in the promotional brochures. You have to love content like this in a catalog:

A 76-mm Bifilar 8-layer high-temperature aluminum voice coil… Wound on a hi-temperature Apical™ former in an oversize 8-layer bifilar configuration. Provides greater stability and support during extended cone excursion.

What the hell does that mean? I’ve no idea — but it sounds like something I need, just like the “next-generation mineral-filled co-polymer polypropylene cones with RCR™ resonance control ribs.” Mmmm… ribs.

AEJ and I have been watching the 80’s nighttime soap, “Dynasty.” That show is a hoot, not just for the shoulder pads, but for the fantastically trashy 80’s soap aspect of it all. You’ve gotta love unbelievable plot twists.  One favorite: Fallon isn’t Blake’s daughter?!  OMG!  Another favorite: The time the main female character, played by Tina Fey, said, “I’m not covering up for a secret pregnancy of my unwed teenage daughter by claiming her baby is my own — and I’ll prove it!  By revealing that baby Trig (great soap name!), born in April, can’t be my daughter’s baby… because my unwed teenage daughter is 5 months pregnant right now!” Dun dun dunnnnnnnn…. I swear, those writers were brilliant.


Travis Taylor says

DEMOCRACY!... I think. Trig, heh.


Robyn says

I actually thought "OMG. That happened in Dynasty? Because the very same thing is happening RIGHT NOW in REAL LIFE and that lady from Alaska even looks like Tin. . ." Doh.

Sometimes I'm really s l o w.

Travis Taylor says

I didn't even look at the links... That is what you were talking about!


Kevin Howlett says

I looked at the links five times before I finally figured it out. Once I did, I laughed and laughed.

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