Sony sucks

So, I got my Sony DSC-T9 Camera back today from the Sony Authorized Service Center — Precision Camera — and it still doesn’t work. That’s right. Four weeks without a camera, and it came back, still unable to sync with any of my computers. Not only that, but Precision Camera scratched the outside of the camera, supposedly while trying to open it. Anybody who knows me well knows that this pissed me off.

I called Sony, and they instructed me to send the camera back to Precision Camera for repair. I was like, “um, they had it for FOUR WEEKS, and it came back, not only still broken, but damaged even further.” They said this was the only option. I said no, the camera should be replaced with a new camera. That is the other option. No, they said, it had to be serviced by an authorized service center, and could not be replaced unless it couldn’t be repaired. When I pointed out that it obviously can’t be repaired, since they tried for 4 weeks to fix it and sent it back still broken, I was told, sorry, it has to go back for repair. “You obviously can’t fix it. Just replace it.” “Sorry, we can’t do that.” “What do you mean you can’t do that? You manufacture the camera! I’m sure you have another one lying around somewhere! Just send me a new one!” “No, I’m sorry, we can’t do that.”

So I contacted American Express to contest the purchase price and request my money back. And I wrote a nasty letter to Best Buy, who refused to exchange the camera because I hadn’t bought their overpriced hard-sell “Extended Warranty” — even though the camera itself is still under warranty. And I wrote a nasty letter to Precision Camera, who failed to fix the camera, and scratched the outside. And I wrote a nasty letter to Sony Electronics, telling them I’d bought my last Sony. And I sent the same letter to Howard Stringer’s office — the CEO of Sony of America.

All they had to do was replace the broken camera and declare a loss on the defective camera. It would have cost them next-to nothing, and I would have kept buying Sony stuff, as I have for years and years. But no, they had to piss me off. And years of being picked on in high school has created somebody who doesn’t like to be pushed around. To quote Cornelius Vanderbilt, in one of my favorite all-time quotes, “You have undertaken to cheat me. I won’t sue you, for the law is too slow. I will ruin you.”

In a few weeks, when somebody Google’s Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera, this blog will show up, hopefully discouraging that purchase.

Now if only I could find a way to get back at that kid in high school who opened my three-ring binder so my papers fell out. I hate that dick.


Kevin Howlett says

Two things, John:

1. Any blog that ends with the phrase "I hate that dick" gets many bonus points and a free large soft drink in my book.

2. Sometime I MUST share with you my experience with Best Buy and consumer electronics. It wasn't Sony that I was soured on for life after that experience (I also only buy Sony stuff) but Philips. It is an interesting story.

Oh, and it's SIR Howard Stringer. He was knighted, you know!

Lissajeen says

Sometimes you scare me.

jim says

Y'know, the trick to those google searches for words like Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera, is that you need to use them alot on your page -- the more you mention Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera, the higher up the search goes. So if I were you, I'll write Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera, a lot... and if you ever have another complaint that's similar to the one you have right now with Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera, then you should write whatever it is you have a grievance with (in this instance, it's clearly the Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera). Good luck with ruining Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera,


P.S. Sony Warranty repair, Precision Camera, Howard Stringer, or the Sony DSC-T9 Camera.

Anonymous says

To John Mackey,

I had the exact same experience with my
sony digital camera, 6 weeks, not repaired, shutter will still NOT close.
I was about to do all the things you
did, but now I don't know what to do.
Back to Wolf Camera??????

Barbara, NC

Anonymous says

I guess I'll join the list of "Don't buy Sony" folks. I sent in my DCRIP7 for repair and recieved it back the last week of July. It ate my MicroMV tape and wouldn't release or record. I paid $211 upfront for the repair. I took it to Italy last week. I put in the three brand new tapes, one after the other to rewind them and on the third it ate the tape and won't release or record. I called Sony Dec.2 and they said 90 day warranty sorry about your $1500 camera "must pay $211 again". I'm in the process of BBB complaint form now. Switch to Nikon, that's my advice. All I wanted back was my $211 dollars and I'm happy.
Here's to Sony joining Enron and all the others.

mumbles says

We're going through the same ordeal right now. We sent our camera in early August for repairs to Precision Camera. Paid them $180. We got it back late October. Used it for a couple of sessions and realized it was still broken (if not worse).

Then we sent it back for repairs again in mid-November. They said they would put a "rush" on it. Just got it back last night with a noticeable dent in the front cover and scratches all around.

My wife called this morning to discuss this with them and they said it was signed in this way as having this dent and scratches when received. Now, my wife and I never dented the camera that much we know. And Precision Camera were the only people who had posession of the camera. It obvious the damage was caused in attempting to repair the camera but they will not claim any responsibility for it and leave us know recourse.

They only thing the customer service representative has offered up is to send it in, for the third time, and their technicians would look at it. And from this, I'd imagine we would have to pay for the parts and repairs.

I'm at wits end. We're about $800 into this order ($500 for the camera and $180 for "repairs") and now I have a busted up camera that I doubt I could even get one-third of that back attempting to sell it on eBay.

So I guess I'm in the same situation. Screwed. I suppose I'll try reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Yes, again. Bottomline do not buy Sony products. Especially Sony cameras.

Bryan H says

I have had a very similar experience with Sony/Precision Camera. I posted all about it in my blog. I sent the camera in for one problem that was fixed but it came back with a different problem, a scratched CCD. They were supposed to send me a pre-paid shipping label to send the camera in once again but they never did that either. Time to writ the BBB and possibly do a charge-back at my bank I guess.

Bill says

Add to that - another camera - another case of Sony refusing to repair a broken LCD that was *found* to be not covered under warranty. Precision Camera couldn't fix the LCD for less than the cost of a NEW camera!!! so they just sent it back with a canned letter after sitting on it for over 2 weeks. Disgusted is all I have to say with the up-the-arse treatment I've gotten from Sony Warranty Service. Never again.

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