So weak… Can’t resist QVC…

I don’t know if you’ve seen this blog (one of my favorites), but wow, I know how this person feels. I, too, have found other, less depressing things to have on in the background than CNN, and that new savior is QVC. As the above blogger put it, “Nothing bad ever happens on home shopping.”

AEJ and I have been watching a lot of QVC (and other home shopping channels) over the past few weeks, and it’s like a warm balm. “Look at the awful jewelry!” “Look — it’s my favorite host! He’s so funny.” “Can you believe that they have a 4 megapixel camera for that cheap?!”

But we’d never cross the line and actually order anything, as that would be, well, silly, and probably a slippery slope. I’d been tempted before, but we remained strong.

Tonight, though, we couldn’t resist. AEJ placed an order for a wonderful umbrella that the wind couldn’t turn inside-out!!! Seriously. In one of those typically-QVC moments, they opened the umbrella and held it up to one of those big wind machines that they use on movie sets. 30 mph winds, and the umbrella totally held up!

So, AEJ went online and placed the order. For, like, 3 of them. (We weren’t alone. QVC started selling them at midnight — it was “Today’s Special Value!” — and by 12:15, they’d sold 14,000. By the time AEJ’s order went through around 12:30, one of the colors was wait-listed. What will I do?!)

What next? Will we actually start buying the jewelry? I don’t know. If we do, I won’t admit it here.

I’m heading to Chicago for the annual Midwest Clinic on Wednesday. Should be a blast. I went last year, and it was fun, but I didn’t have any music to show, as “Redline Tango” for winds didn’t exist yet. This time, though, I’ll be going with a dozen perusal scores and two dozen CDs. Wish me luck, and if you’re going, please look for me and say hi!

And happy QVC shopping!


abacus says

The best part is when they hold the wind meter up to the machine to show you exactly how strong the wind is.

It's like the other day, when they demo'ed the waterproof winter boots by standing in a clear plastic bucket of ice water, with thermometers in their socks to prove that their feet would stay nice and warm.

Sheer genius.

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