So far, so good!

I’m back home in NY, and the weather is beautiful. It’s nice to be home, and I’m just about settled-in and caught up on most of my “to-dos.”

I spent most of yesterday hooking up my new computer. As you may have read here, I had some problems with my old system. Apple ended up replacing everything, and I picked it all up yesterday morning. It took a little time to undo some of what they did at the store, but I think it’s all working now.

In case you’re interested — I’ve had requests for this recently — I’ve posted a list of the equipment that I’m using. If you want to see it, click here. The fun part about making that list was the web search for a link to my digital piano. I didn’t find a picture of my actual model (the link is to the next model up), but I did determine that my keyboard was built in 1987. I knew it was old, but I had no idea that I’ve had it for almost 20 years! Korg makes a fine product.

As I write this, I’m listening to the CD that Paul Moravec gave me a few weeks ago. This is great stuff. I’m especially digging the “Scherzo.”

I think I’ll head out for a run. That is, if Loki, who seems to have missed having a daytime playmate while I was away, will let me out the door…


Isaac Castillo says

HI Mr.Mackey this is Isaac (the ukulele player from SYSO) I wrote you an e-mail regarding the music i was hoping to recieve from you and I was just curious if you recieved it, if not you can e-mail me at thanks again.

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