Sit on it and pump up the volume

A few years ago on the blog, I said that I wanted this chair:

I still want that chair. It’s $13,000 (or it was then, so it’s probably more now, thanks to the tanking US dollar), though, so that’s probably not going to happen anytime soon.

Yesterday, AEJ and I went furniture browsing in West Hollywood, home to the highest concentration of great furniture stores in America. We’re looking for a new sofa for (what will hopefully soon be) our new house in Austin. The vision: a bachelor pad-style family room, which would hold a huge sofa for movie-time, the crazy big screen, and these speakers:

That’s the Paradigm Signature S8. I’d match it to this subwoofer:

That subwoofer, the Paradigm Signature Servo, weighs 114 pounds, and goes down to a window-shattering 10 Hz. 10 Hz!

I use Paradigm speakers now — the Studio 100 with the Servo 15 subwoofer — and I love them, but they’re “ash black,” and these suckers are available in high-gloss piano black. Sweeeet. The price for those two Signature line front speakers with the subwoofer: right around $10,000. So… please order lots of copies of “Undertow” — like, start with 100 copies.

But what will we sit on while we watch movies and listen to music? Well, how about this:

How awesome is that?! Simply put: mega-awesome. Sadly, also mega-expensive. Try $20,000.

I really can’t encourage you strongly enough: please order some music, and request lots of marching licenses! I need to do some shopping!


Mark S. says

sorry....I'm broke.

Maybe when I sell my arrangement of Mahler's 6th symphony, I will buy something...

Will Mego says

Or, learn to MAKE furniture. Believe it or not, it's not all THAT hard, and you could actually make that sofa for probably $500-$600 tops. You could end up a lumberjock (

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