Saw “Michael Clayton” at The Arclight cinemas tonight. Good movie. Henry Winkler — ie, The Fonz (or Barry Zuckerkorn, the attorney from Arrested Development, if you prefer 2005 rather than 1975) — was sitting a few rows in front of us. That was kind of a cool sighting.  I wanted to show him the Fonzie “aaaayyyy” thumbs-up, but thought better of it.

And does this look anything like Henry Winkler? Who the hell is this supposed to be? Maybe it’s not licensed, since it doesn’t mention Happy Days — only “star of TV.”

Tomorrow’s big agenda : the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Maybe I’ll find something awesome — like a rip-off Fonzie toy of my very own.


Kevin Howlett says

Looks more like a cross between Robert Blake and Joe Namath.

mark m says

you should probably come to Portage Northern soon

Cathy says

It looks like something from Planet of the Apes! LOL

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