Shows still suck

AEJ and I are heading to Vegas in the morning. We’re meeting with the “wedding team” at The Wynn, trying to make some initial plans for the Big Day. Road trip!

We just watched the past two episodes of “24” on DVR, and I have to say — and I said this last season, too — this season sucks. I won’t say anything specific, because I don’t want to give anything away, but I can only take so many annoying plots twists followed by annoying plot retreads followed by inconsistent character actions followed by “there’s a mole! — oh wait, we got the wrong mole!” in one season. (Don’t they do that every other season? The “oops! We accused and tortured the wrong person who we thought was a mole! Sorry! Here’s the real mole!” thing?) I wish this show were “15,” so we’d be almost done. It’s hella-lame. As AEJ said tonight, she wonders why we continue watching this show. The good parts have become so few and far between, while the downright stupid and irritating episodes are becoming more the norm.

One show that I continue to love, though, to my surprise, is “Friday Night Lights.” Best drama on TV, in my opinion, which means it’ll probably be cancelled after this season. And then there’s “Amazing Race,” which I usually love, but which is difficult to get excited about now that Rob and Amber are gone. We’re now three hours behind on that, and it’s getting tough to get motivated to catch up.

And what about “Heroes?” We stopped watching that in late February when I was out of town a lot, and the DVR ran out of space so we ended up totally missing an episode. I was going to BitTorrent it, but that show was really getting on my nerves, too. I loved the Hiro storyline, but hated almost every other “hero.” (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: multiple personality disorder does not make you a superhero. It just makes you an irritating crazy person with a bad dye job.) Should I bother catching up on this show?


Lissajeen says

Yay wedding planning! "Most of our brides choose..." Aaak. Good luck.

I'm still up for giving "Heroes" a chance, as long as I can still FF through bucktoothed multiple personality chick.

Cathy says

Friday Night Lights??? Really???

You and I don't watch any of the same shows!! I never took the time to watch Heroes.

Good luck with the wedding planning.

Daniel Montoya Jr. says

You can catch up with Heroes on Other than LOST it's the best show on TV!!

Yeah.. I said it!!!

R says

I know what you mean about 24, it seems like the show peaked in season 4 (the Habib Marwan season) and it can't get to that level again. Way too many plot twist this season.

As for the Race, all I'll say is that if a certain team wins I will never watch that show again.

After giving me so many great suggestions, I'll give you one. 30 Rock. I dont know if you watch it but if you don't, definetly worth checking out.


Dan Shelkofsky says

Don't forget the final episodes of The Sopranos, with a new season of Entourage immediately following them. Best TV of the summer right there.

Just dropping a note to tell you it was a pleasure playing your music at Florida State this semester. Glad you were happy with our CBDNA performance! Best of luck to you, cheers.

Courtney says

Yes - definitely catch up on Amazing Race. All I can say is Charla in a suit of armor. It's enough payoff for the whole season.

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