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There’s an open house this afternoon around the corner from us. AEJ and I stopped by to see it, and, sadly, it turns out it’s our dream house. The reason this is a sad fact is that the house is $1.5 million. It was built in 1953, has views of the reservoir, and is in immaculate condition. Did I mention it’s $1.5 million? But the move would be easy, as the house is a 30-second walk from where we live now.

If anybody wants to send us, say, the downpayment (in the area of 90%), we’d be fine with that.

Here’s a link to the site dedicated to the listing.

Wouldn’t AEJ’s Feathered Chandelier look amazing in there?


Michael Markowski says

You could always have every band student in America send you $1. It'd be like a HUGE consortium made up of students rather than directors. I'll send my dollar tomorrow :-).

Kevin Howlett says

I have never coveted a house before I saw this one. You can't have it; it's mine!

Travis Taylor says

The one thing that I noticed about that house was... There was a naked lady in it. I couldn't determine if it was a picture or not, or something else. All I know is, there was something naked in there.


Sarah Stern says

i would almost send you money just so i could come visit you

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