Scary, scary win

To my tremendous relief, Ohio State hung on to beat Michigan today, 42-39, to earn a spot in the B.C.S. National Championship. The game was awfully tense — so much so that when it was over, there was more a sense of relief than a sense of excitement.

The Ohio State – Michigan rivalry runs deep. Having grown up in Columbus, I’ll always be a Buckeye fan.

Just before the game, in an effort to talk trash to a Michigan fan, I sent a text message to H. Robert Reynolds, who served as Director of Bands at the University of Michigan for 26 years. I texted (yes, Bob Reynolds, over the age of 70, not only receives, but sends text messages — how cool is that?!) : “It’s Mackey, about to watch The Big Game. I just have to say — Go Buckeyes!”

H. Bob’s retort, a few minutes later: “I am never playing your music ever again.”

Now I need to pack. I’m flying to Knoxville, Tennessee tomorrow for a performance at the University of Tennessee. I’m looking forward to it. I’m not even dreading the flight, thanks to a brand new prescription for Xanax. Go Drugs!


Kirsten Reynolds says

John!! Seriously I can't believe you posted that! Michigan couldn't even pull though on my birthday :( Sad day even here in Chicago. Also, I take full credit for my dad's ability to text message and support him in his choice not to play your music ever again after that terrible comment! I will be in attendance of some of your music being played in Ann Arbor for the CBDNA conference in Ann Arbor. Hope all is going well!


Jake Wallace says

Heyy John,

Going to make Puckett fill his end of your Midwest bet? :)

joel says

I've just stopped crying. Crable is off my Christmas card list for that helmet to helmet hit.

Oh, and I will be avoiding you at Mid West for fear that you will actually make me wear OSU paraphernalia. Good luck finding me!

R says

Man, that game was too intense. Thank God the Buckeyes pulled it off. Counting down the days till January 8th.


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