Sax Concerto Premiere

I’m heading to Dallas tomorrow for rehearsals and the world premiere performance of my Concerto for Soprano Sax and Wind Ensemble. The performance with the Dallas Wind Symphony will be Tuesday night at 8pm at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas (home of both the Dallas Wind Symphony and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra — both of which have performed “Redline Tango.” Weird.). Jerry Junkin will conduct, and Don Fabian will be the sax soloist. The program also includes my cowboy piece, “Sasparilla.” If you are anywhere near Dallas on Tuesday night, I hope you’ll come check out the concert.

Last night was the way-too-soon season finale of “Mad Men,” hands-down the best show on TV this year, and in the past several years. If you didn’t watch (it’s on AMC, who, after this original programming debut, could be the next HBO), be sure to get the DVDs as soon as they’re released. The scene where Don pitched to the Kodak executives gave me chills. Thinking about it now chokes me up all over again. This show has the best writing, best acting, and best design on TV.

When we were in NY a few weeks ago, we took a little walk through Central Park. Lots of musicians to see in Central Park, from sax players…

… to erhu players…

… to trombone players…

… to… WTF?

I’m off to pack for Dallas. See you there!


Cathy says

OOoooh, her picture would make my fashion don't page! Isn't that a true English baritone? Or is it a true euphonium? I can never remember. Just like trumpet vs. cornet - which one is conical and which one is cylindrical? I can't remember that, either.

I've never been to New York. Gotta go sometime.

Steve says

That erhu plahyer looks familiar for some reason - think I've seen him at the Columbus Circle A-train platform...

See you Tuesday - really looking forward to hearing it!

Jennifer says

Nice to have you back in Texas. Can't wait for the show on Tuesday, see you then! And the euphonium/baritone chick looks like Imogen, whatcha say...

zephan says

i think i've seen that baritone/euphonium-ish player around the Delacorte before...

Nikk says

That almost looks like a Wagner tuba, but the mouthpiece rules it out. It's probably an old Mirafone brand baritone, like this one:

P.S. For Cathy: The Euphonium is mostly conical, the baritone is mostly cylindrical.

Cathy says

Thanks Nikk. But what about the trumpet/cornet? ;)

Nikk says

Cornet is mostly conical, trumpet is mostly cylindrical.

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