Sandy was here

Hurricane Sandy has come and gone from Boston, and in our neighborhood in Cambridge, we made out okay – at least at our house.  I took this picture from our front porch last night after the rain had mostly stopped. (You can see that the trees are still blowing.)  Photo note: Check out the cool starburst effect on the street light, thanks to shooting at f/20.

This the fence that separates our house from the one next door. Not so bad.

This afternoon, I walked around the neighborhood to see if our neighbors had gotten through this as damage-free as we did. This is the house next door. I’m glad I didn’t park my car under that tree.

And the house after that, where branches fell and took down the power line to their house.

You can see the wires and the metal tube that normally secures them to their house. Ack.

And the next house on the block, where this tall (but thin) pine tree fell over onto the house.

This house appears to be fine, with only a lot of branches down.

Same here.  Presumably nobody had parked there.

Rounding the corner, the sidewalk is blocked, but there’s no indication any of this landed on a house or car.

The next street, though…

Yeah, that doesn’t look right.

There’s nothing to see here. I just really like this house.

This sign has fallen over, but no amount of wind can lean Cambridge so far that it becomes Romney country.  (In fact, this sign is leaning even further to the left than it was before the storm.)

It’s tough to tell if this tree hit the house or only took down the fence. Also note: this is the second Prius within the same block. And further note: that little girl’s pants have the word “Peace” on them. Like I said: Cambridge.

This house, directly behind ours, already has a perfectly clean sidewalk. I guess if you can afford a house with a turret, you can afford to hire people to clean the property immediately after a hurricane.

I’d parked our car in front of our house last night, hoping to keep it away from largest trees, which is tough in this area, and it appears to have made it through the storm with only a few hundred leaves stuck to it.

We were very fortunate. We never even lost power, but the next three houses on our block had problems ranging from a damaged fence to a tree falling onto the house. And this is nothing compared to the devastation in New York and New Jersey and Connecticut.  Our thoughts go out to everybody in the path of this monster – a hurricane wrapped in a nor’easter with a blizzard on the outside (or as AEJ called it, “a weather turducken”).


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