One of AEJ’s endearing traits is her fear of bacteria. I kid her about it, but really, I can’t complain, as so far, her attention to cleanliness has kept me relatively salmonella-free.

Take Thanksgiving day, for example. I got our presumably fresh turkey out of the fridge Thanksgiving morning, unwrapped it, and found that the inside was partially frozen. To thaw it, I filled the sink with water, and gave the turkey a good, long soaking. When AEJ learned that there had been a raw, dead bird in the sink for an hour, she promptly busted out some soap and went a little nuts decorating the sink with disinfectant.

I was going to post a picture of our turkey, but a shot of a soapy sink really says everything you need to know about Thanksgiving: beware of disease.


Cathy says

Ah yes. The classic "Turkey in the Sink" pictures. I have "Turkey in a Laundry Basket" for ya. ;)


Kevin Howlett says

Looks like the aftermath of a Smurf Orgy.

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