Return of the Best Nutcracker Ever.

Yes, it’s that time of year once again. For the third year in a row, I present to you:

The most fantastically awful performance ever of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Courtesy of John Corigliano, who emailed this to me back in 2004. (He’s one of those people who forwards things like crazy.) Where he found it, I’ve no idea, but I will be forever grateful to him for the Christmas “cheer” which I now share with you.

Enjoy — as best you can.


Steve says

way. I'm going to be laughing about for hours. Thanks for helping me get through my day!

Gus Greely says

No one could write something that brilliantly funny or perform it so perfectly on purpose. This is a gem; there could be no cozier a performance of that piece.

Luke N. says

Played this for my colleagues at work - a choral music store where we hear FAR too much awful christmas music - and they said it sounded like a combination of psycho and the nutcracker, with a bit of stravinsky mixed it. I highly agree. My favourite part has got to be the awful bassoon... so glorious...

Scott says

Great bassoonist, for sure.

Do you have an mp3 copy of that? I want to put it on my iPod.

Jamie says

XD This is too good. I love how the bells are the only thing in tune and the only part you really can't screw up and yet they managed it...

BTW You wouldn't happen to know the age of this ensemble...Because I'll feel bad if I'm laughing at jr high kids :(

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