I finished the parts for the second of two commissions last night and emailed everything at 10:45PM — with 75 minutes to spare. It’s a relief to have both pieces done, and to have somehow delivered them both on time. I don’t intend to boot Finale again for at least six weeks, when I start work on the Saxophone Concerto.

AEJ and I are on our way to the UCLA/USC game this morning. We’re having lunch at the Chancellor’s Tent, and then watching the game as guests of the UCLA band. A huge thanks to Gordon Henderson for arranging this!

I’m taking the camera, so hopefully there’ll be good shots to post soon. I’d say I’ll post them tomorrow, but I might be busy driving around LA looking for a Nintendo Wii. I really, really want one, but am somehow unwilling to pay $600 on eBay. Wish me luck!


Sarah says

i have to admit, i think i would have given my firstborn child just to have seen pete carroll's face in person after that loss. i'm quite jealous of you and abby at the moment.

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