Rehearsal, take 1

Robert’s first rehearsal was yesterday afternoon. Not much to report yet, as he really just used the time to look at the dancers he’d be working with. There are 17 of them, and he plans to use them all. They seem to be a nice group with a lot of energy, and holy cow, some of them are crazy-fantastic dancers.

I’m going to a concert tonight : Quartet New Generation. They’re — get this — a recorder quartet. There’s an article about them in today’s NY Times.

I had two license negotiations today, and completely buckled on both, agreeing to what was initially offered. Am I getting soft? In the past, I’ve been difficult in negotiations, to put it nicely. Today I felt maybe I should choose my battles, rather than insisting on absolute victory throughout the negotiation war.

I think my kitty is softening me.


abacus says

Of course he is! Fuzziness that intense is notoriously contagious!

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